Rohingya Children’s Projects

Rohingya Children’s Projects is a grassroots initiative that aims to build capacity among the Rohingya in refugee camps through education and training. We are a network of Rohingya activists and genocide survivors, and our projects are managed and run by refugees living inside the camps exclusively.

Rohingya Children’s Projects is supported by a registered not-for-profit (Rohingya Human Rights Network) as well as a registered charity (Extreme Poverty Projects) in Canada. This means our work is recognized by the Government of Canada, and we are able to issue tax receipts. This is equivalent to 501(c)(3) status in the United States.

Rohingya Children’s Projects is run with 100% volunteer efforts in Canada and the US. All of our fundraising, book-keeping, reporting, and publicity is done on volunteer time. We also add our own funds to cover banking and remittance fees. Hence, 100% of contributed funds go to the needy.

Rohingya Children’s Projects relies on volunteer efforts and donor funds. Please contact us at info@rohingya.net to volunteer your time or to¬†contribute financially